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Here's what clients who found local HVAC contractors through HomeQuote say

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James C. Johnson, Abbeville, LA
A great support manager who knows his stuff

Their advisors were extremely knowledgeable and polite, giving me free advice on my HVAC repair project. The best part is that nobody urged me to book a service here.

HVAC-services stars
Kelly Y. Turner, Albuquerque, NM
They offer sufficient service

I'm glad to evaluate their service in 5 stars, and it was time- and money-efficient.

HVAC-services stars
Douglas K. Scott, Scranton, PA
Friendly and knowledgeable staff

It took us 10 minutes to agree on the date and time when the HVAC contractor should come to the site.

HVAC-services stars
Rosaura D. Field, Glen Allen, VA
Completely satisfied

Once you try it, you keep coming back for more. Free and efficient service that brings value.

HVAC-services stars
Joshua S. Mitchell, Birmingham, AL
I've been provided with free HVAC inspection

I'm not well versed with heating and cooling units. So I needed someone to run an inspection before making any repairs. I was pleased to get a free inspection the next day after the call.

HVAC-services stars
Tommy D. Bilodeau, Houston, TX
Valuable and time-saving service

They took my needs and matched me with the service provider available to repair my thermostat the same day. I truly appreciate HomeQuote for providing an efficient service.

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Why switch to a high-performing HVAC system?

The ideal indoor temperature

Advanced HVAC systems perfectly cope with temperature swings, offering improved airflow for even distribution of cold and hot through the house. By installing a unit of one of the top AC brands, you will forget about the problem of too hot or too cold premises for good. The optimal temperature and humidity level will be maintained in your home all year round. On top of that, advanced systems allow making custom temperature settings in every room to meet the needs of all family members. Thanks to the remote control, you can cool or warm up the home before arriving.

Enhanced indoor air quality

Statistics say that air inside our homes is 3-5 times more polluted than outside. Why does it happen, you may wonder? It's because modern buildings are built to be airtight and let minimal air in. Regular ventilation might be of great help, yet it does not address the problem of poor indoor air quality. This is where up-to-date HVAC systems come into play. They feature multiple add-ons like dehumidifying, air purifying, and filtration. Thanks to these functions, no dust particles, pollen, or germs come into your lungs.

Optimized energy costs

If you seek to decrease your monthly energy spending, start with heating and air conditioning repair or replacement (depending on the problem extend). Running outdated HVAC units is associated with regular maintenance and high energy bills. Getting an energy-efficient system will bring you a high return on investment without sacrificing home comfort. Consult a local HVAC contractor to decide on a system with the highest efficiency rating.

Noise-free operation

Today's HVAC systems are not only energy-saving but noiseless. They are made of noise-absorbing materials and, compared to outdated units, never produce unpleasant sounds when on or off. Install a modern HVAC system to enjoy a good night's rest without annoying sounds.

Little to no maintenance

According to the US Energy Department, HVAC units should be replaced every 10 years. This timespan is actual for systems that were properly maintained. If filters and coils were not regularly cleaned and replaced, the years of unit service are reduced twice. If you want to save yourself the trouble of hiring a service technician every time your outdated unit starts performing worse, consider upgrading to a modern HVAC system that requires little to no maintenance.

Added home value

If you plan to sell your house one day, make sure to install a new HVAC system. First, you can recoup more than half of the initial unit cost when you resell your property. Second, an efficient and properly operating HVAC will make your home more appealing to potential buyers, raising its value and your return on investment.

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