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How to select a suitable window frame material?

Each window frame material has distinctive features that fit the specific home's style, energy efficiency, and service life requirements. When selecting the new windows for your home, consider their finish, insulation properties, durability, and upkeep, as well as the climate pattern that prevails in your region.

Below we'll discuss the most sought-after window frame materials you might set your sights on:

Vinyl. If you seek frame material that is budget-friendly and energy-efficient, vinyl is the best way to go. Frames made of vinyl have excellent weathering and require little to no maintenance. They come in multiple colors and feature ultimate resistance to fading, so you won't need to refinish them, even if you live in a sunny climate. This material can mimic the look of natural wood and is often used as its less whimsical and more affordable alternative. Vinyl windows can be installed in a cold climate as they are resistant to leakage and offer reliable heat insulation.

Nevertheless, this frame material is prone to sagging and wrapping over time and has limits in the weight of the glass it can frame.

Wood. Natural wood is a traditional window frame material known for its beauty and classic style. Its variabilities include pine, cedar, and fir, which are perfect insulators and can be painted in just about any color. The elegance and warm look that wooden windows offer are beyond compare. That is why people who can afford this natural material never settle for its cheaper vinyl and aluminum imitations. Wood frames have better energy-saving options than aluminum but are less efficient than vinyl. Their main downside is expansion and contraction caused by rapid temperature drops that result in sealing issues and premature deterioration. Besides, wood-framed windows are prone to moisture and pest infestation and might be difficult to upkeep.

How to prolong the service life of your replacement windows in Reading, PA?

No matter their structure or material, windows require just as much care as the more sophisticated elements of your home. Keeping moisture from getting inside and insulating your property, they resist the impact of elements and can develop serious wear and tear if left unattended.

Here're some simple tips that will help you to keep your home windows in tip-top shape:

Schedule an inspection with a local window contractor in Reading, PA at least once a year to discover the hidden issues that can be seen only by a professional.
Step 1
Step 2
Keep your windows clean, washing not only panes but the frames and tracks where dust and dead insects are collected. If you reside in the coastal area, washing away salt is a must every 2-3 months to prevent corrosion and damage.
Check if there're any cracks or holes in the glass, sealing, or frame, especially if you experience a high moisture level in your home. You can fix cracks yourself by using a caulk gun or call out a local window contractor.
Step 3
Step 4
Are there faded stains or peeling paint on the inner or outer window site? Consider repainting and refinishing your windows to prolong their service life. Wooden frames need to be repainted with the first signs of chipping.
If your window panes are covered with a low-E film that reflects heat and protects the interior from fading, follow the manufacturer's requirements for cleaning them. Improper upkeep will lead to poor film performance.
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Consult licensed window contractors in Reading, PA to decide whether to repair or replace windows in your home

Home renovations vary by the extent and value they bring in the long run. As a rule, homeowners prioritize the most rewarding home updates, like kitchen and bathroom makeovers. But what about upgrades that improve energy efficiency? Do they make your property more appealing to potential buyers? The truth is that updated doors and windows enhance the home's aesthetics and boost energy efficiency, resulting in better insulation, lower energy bills, and, of course, higher resale value.

As a thrifty homeowner, you may wonder whether it makes sense to repair the existing windows to improve their insulation properties or replace them with new units that meet energy-saving standards. We scrutinized this issue with reputable window contractors in Reading, PA, to dispel your doubts and help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn about local window replacement and repair rates and understand which update option is better for your case.

The expediency of investment in window replacement in Reading, PA

An average homeowner would likely skimp on replacing windows unless they are not leaky or drafty. The cost of windows in Reading, PA, rises with each new year, resulting in exorbitant costs for dismantling old windows and installing new-construction units. Besides, the cost adds up when you have multiple rooms in your house, as taking a piecemeal approach to window update means dealing with an incongruous look until the installation job is finished.

That is why before booking window replacement in Reading, PA, it helps to determine whether it is even really needed or whether a less costly repair would be sufficient.

Here are the cases when windows replacement would be recommended if not inevitable:

  • Windows out of their service life. The average window’s life expectancy is 15-25 years. Once they reach this age, their seals start to weaken or fail, resulting in fogginess between panes, water seepage, drafts, and other adverse effects of aging. Repairing windows that are out of their service life is a simple waste of money and time. That is why window professionals can refuse to take up a project, recommending you get new replacement blocks.
  • Storm damage. With or without home insurance, homeowners might need to replace their windows after a devastating storm. Sometimes jobs like panes update, frame sealing, and installing protective storm units over the main ones are what you need to restore your home's windows after a natural disaster. Beware of storm chasers or fly-by-night companies that appear right after a storm. They are not certified professionals you can rely on, as their only purpose is to extort your money.
  • Single-pane windows. These units were the standard more than 15 years ago and are now regarded as a relic of the past. They lack insulation properties and do not meet modern energy-efficient standards. Window professionals can recommend you replace your single-pane windows with triple- or at least double-paned ones that possess better insulation properties and prevent warmed air leakage.
  • The home appearance needs an update. If you bought an older house with windows that look shabby, you might want to replace them to jazz up the exterior. Besides, it's a matter of the home's insulation improvement and optimizing energy bills. Fortunately, today you can buy replacement windows of any style or order custom ones to ensure their ideal match with your home's appearance.
  • An absence of soundproofing. Living in a noisy area with windows that don't dampen sound might become a real headache for the whole family. Modern double- and triple-pane windows with high insulation levels ensure considerable sound dampening, giving you the peace needed for comfortable living.

The average rates on window repair in Reading, PA

The repair cost depends on the window type as well as the complexity and scale of the damage. Window repairs in Reading, PA average from $220 to $710, covering updates of latch, sash, seal, and tracks.

Here are the common types of window repairs and their average costs relevant for Reading , PA:

  • Repairing tracks and sashes. Minor window repairs like fixing tracks or sash run between $230 to $370. You can save a few hundred bucks on window repairs in Reading by doing these jobs yourself. This way, you will need to spend only on materials and tools. Nevertheless, you should possess at least basic handyman skills and safety regulations knowledge.
  • Repairing window hardware. You will be charged from $80 to $200 for fixing a window latch or another window's operational hardware. The more complex the damage, the more you will pay.
  • Repairing a broken seal and eliminating fogginess. The cost of window thermal seal repair ranges from $110 to $250, with most homeowners paying around $145. It involves eliminating the moisture between panes, installing a valve and pump to remove air, and applying a new seal.
  • Fixing cracked panes. Repairing a broken window in Reading costs around $90 on average with the high-end price can go over $120. If only one pane is cracked, a professional will apply a two-part epoxy to the crack using a putty knife and let it cure. If both window panes are broken, the window contractor in Reading would likely insist on their complete replacement.
  • Replacing a broken glass. Most homeowners spend between $240 and $480 on glass replacement. However, this cost can rise to $1.900 for complicated repairs. The size and type of the window, as well as the number of panes, can mark the total price.

The average rates on window installation in Reading, PA

Window replacement costs range between $360 and $1.790 per unit, including material and labor. However, this cost does not consider a window's unique features like a custom size, energy-efficient glazing, U-factor, gas filling, etc. The price can also vary depending on the window type, size, structural complexity, and frame material. This applies to the material component of the cost. Your spending on labor can also vary depending on the selected professional's rates, window accessibility, home age, and type of replacement (replacing windows in the built home is less expensive than their installation during new construction).

As replacing windows in a 3-bedroom house can cost up to $8.000, homeowners seek to optimize their spending. Here are the ideas on how you can skimp on window replacement in Reading , PA without compromising their quality:

  • When searching for new windows, consider those with "contractor-grade" or "builder-grade" signing. These units have good quality but cost less than "architecture-grade" ones.
  • Set your sights on windows of standard style and size that come without extra features you might not need in everyday life. Don't overpay for lauded companies or custom solutions.
  • Use trusted contractor-matching services like HomeQuote to get multiple price quotes from local window professionals and compare them to negotiate the best price.