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How to select a suitable window frame material?

Each window frame material has distinctive features that fit the specific home's style, energy efficiency, and service life requirements. When selecting the new windows for your home, consider their finish, insulation properties, durability, and upkeep, as well as the climate pattern that prevails in your region.

Below we'll discuss the most sought-after window frame materials you might set your sights on:

Vinyl. If you seek frame material that is budget-friendly and energy-efficient, vinyl is the best way to go. Frames made of vinyl have excellent weathering and require little to no maintenance. They come in multiple colors and feature ultimate resistance to fading, so you won't need to refinish them, even if you live in a sunny climate. This material can mimic the look of natural wood and is often used as its less whimsical and more affordable alternative. Vinyl windows can be installed in a cold climate as they are resistant to leakage and offer reliable heat insulation.

Nevertheless, this frame material is prone to sagging and wrapping over time and has limits in the weight of the glass it can frame.

Wood. Natural wood is a traditional window frame material known for its beauty and classic style. Its variabilities include pine, cedar, and fir, which are perfect insulators and can be painted in just about any color. The elegance and warm look that wooden windows offer are beyond compare. That is why people who can afford this natural material never settle for its cheaper vinyl and aluminum imitations. Wood frames have better energy-saving options than aluminum but are less efficient than vinyl. Their main downside is expansion and contraction caused by rapid temperature drops that result in sealing issues and premature deterioration. Besides, wood-framed windows are prone to moisture and pest infestation and might be difficult to upkeep.

How to prolong the service life of your replacement windows in Missouri?

No matter their structure or material, windows require just as much care as the more sophisticated elements of your home. Keeping moisture from getting inside and insulating your property, they resist the impact of elements and can develop serious wear and tear if left unattended.

Here're some simple tips that will help you to keep your home windows in tip-top shape:

Schedule an inspection with a local window contractor in Missouri at least once a year to discover the hidden issues that can be seen only by a professional.
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Step 2
Keep your windows clean, washing not only panes but the frames and tracks where dust and dead insects are collected. If you reside in the coastal area, washing away salt is a must every 2-3 months to prevent corrosion and damage.
Check if there're any cracks or holes in the glass, sealing, or frame, especially if you experience a high moisture level in your home. You can fix cracks yourself by using a caulk gun or call out a local window contractor.
Step 3
Step 4
Are there faded stains or peeling paint on the inner or outer window site? Consider repainting and refinishing your windows to prolong their service life. Wooden frames need to be repainted with the first signs of chipping.
If your window panes are covered with a low-E film that reflects heat and protects the interior from fading, follow the manufacturer's requirements for cleaning them. Improper upkeep will lead to poor film performance.
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