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Windows that boost the home's energy efficiency

If you aim to lower utility costs, consider installing energy-efficient windows. A wide range of factors, including glazing and U-values, add to the energy performance of a window. More on these factors you will find in the articles below.

Double-pane windows
Double-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Thermal windows
Thermal windows
Energy Star windows
Energy Star windows
Double-pane windows
Double-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Thermal windows
Thermal windows
Energy Star windows
Energy Star windows

The common window types installed in homes

The best way to bring natural light into your home and give it a refreshed look is to install new windows. To help you make an informed decision on the right window, we've made up a list of the top 18 options.

Single-hung windows
Single-hung windows
Arched windows
Arched windows
Bay windows
Bay windows
Bow windows
Bow windows
Single-hung windows
Single-hung windows
Arched windows
Arched windows
Bay windows
Bay windows
Bow windows
Bow windows

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Where to start window replacement in Lawrence, KS?

Are you annoyed by regular drafts and a non-stable temperature inside your home? The culprit might be your worn-out windows prone to leaks and drafts. A poor home window condition affects your utility costs and ruins your everyday comfort. 

This problem can be solved either by window repair or complete replacement. To decide what option is better for your case, you need to proceed from the extent of the issues and the available budget. With new windows costing between $300 to $2.100 or more installed, an entire house of new windows can end up costing several thousand dollars. Repair seems to be the likely avenue, except that restoration isn't always possible with most modern windows. Older, single-pane windows were simple to fix. By contrast, double- or triple-pane sealed windows are more challenging to repair. In some cases, it isn't even possible.

Read on to learn how to define the home window update option right up your alley. This article will be especially useful to the residents of Lawrence, KS, as it dwells on the average window installation and replacement costs in this area. 

When go for professional home windows repair?

Below, you will find the list of common window issues that appear unexpectedly or with their aging. These are subject to repair, but if left neglected, they can develop into more serious issues requiring a complete replacement. 

  • Broken glass

When a window's glass is damaged, safety and visual acuity are taken into consideration before replacement. Homeowners or glaziers can efficiently and affordably repair single-pane windows. Consider sash replacement if a multi-paned glass is broken or cracked. However, if you have been putting up with window issues for a while, this may be an excellent reason to replace the window entirely.

  • Bruised muntins

Rebuilt muntins and mullions that hold the glass in single-pane windows must replace those that are rotten or cracked. It is simple to repair windows with brittle or missing putty keeping the glass panes in place. You would apply new putty after removing the glass and cleaning the area, then secure the glass with the new glazier's points.

  • Leaks

When interior water is detected near the window area, often it is coming from around the window, not through the window. Poorly draining gutters and drain pipes can force water towards windows. Window seals are meant to hold back water, but not the water of such great force. Re-route your drainage system and see if this makes a difference.

  • Stuck sashes

One typical problem of older windows is upper or lower sashes that are unable to move. This could be due to multiple layers of paint bridging the sash and frame, holding the two together. Or the sash might have come off track. When sashes are hard to raise, the cause is usually broken cords on sash weights. For spring-type sashes, the spring may have failed or come loose, and this type of problem can be fixed.

  • Poor casing

The loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior casing is unattractive and can lead to window damage. Damaged casing alone does not entail window replacement. The primed wood exterior casing can be found at most home centers. Homeowners can remove the existing casing and replace it with the new casing. Remember that primed wood is not weather-resistant. It should be painted quickly after installation with exterior-grade paint. Low-maintenance vinyl and PVC products are also available for this application.

What are the signs showing the necessity of window replacement?

Look at the points below to check the signs of window deterioration that make its replacement inevitable. 

  • Major water leakage

Excessive water infiltration around the window might mean that your exterior window casing is bad. This isn't so much a window issue as it is an issue to do with your exterior as a whole. But if water does prove to be coming through the window, this is probably time to start shopping for new windows.

  • Fogginess

Foggy windows are caused by water condensing inside of your window's double-paned or triple-paned insulated glass unit. Today's windows have this self-sufficient IGUs built into them. So, unlike multi-paned windows of the past, which had the glass set into place by a glazier, IGUs are sealed and permanent. A do-it-yourselfer or even a competent window technician can't disassemble an IGU and rebuild it. Removal and replacement is the only option.

  • Structural issues

When the outer structure of the window is failing, it's time to buy a new window. In some cases, the area around the window may be in poor shape, too: studs, house sheathing, siding, and insulation. This warrants both replacing the window and rebuilding parts of the wall. In this case, you'll be using a new-construction window, not a replacement window.

  • Broken faux muntins 

Muntins and mullions are pieces of wood separating panes of glass. If these are faux muntins and mullions, set between two panes of glass for effect only, they cannot be replaced. The good news is that they will not affect your window's functionality.

What is the average cost of window repairs in Lawrence, KS?

Fixing the sash, seal, tracks, and opening mechanics are common window repair procedures. Costs for more involved work, such as frame repair and glass replacement, might increase dramatically. The number of shattered pieces, the extent of the damage, and the type of window you have will all affect the final cost of the project. To estimate the cost of window repair for your home, use the cost estimator below. You may also read our guide to learn about different cost considerations.

Let’s explore some of the most common window repair jobs and how much each one costs.

Type of repair                                                            Average cost (material and labor)     
Window leak $90 - $140
Broken glass $280 - $340
Fogginess $100 - $150
Thermal seal $100 - $250
Flashing $320 - $400

The window type can impact the overall cost of repair. The table below explores typical cost ranges for common window types. Other factors, like the material and the extent of the damage, can greatly affect these prices.

How much should you expect to pay for window installation in Lawrence, KS?

The average cost to replace windows in your home as of 2022 is $375 to $800 per window. This cost includes the price of each window, plus the cost of professional labor and installation. You can expect to pay an average of $345 to $740 per window in material costs and $28 to $60 per window in installation costs. The rest of your estimated costs for replacement windows will be determined by:

  • Window style: Is it a double-hung window, casement window, bay window, etc.?
  • Window frame material: Is it a vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass window?
  • Window size: How big of a window do you need to have installed?
  • Energy efficiency: Do you want energy-efficient windows, such as double pane, triple pane, thermal, or Energy Star rated?

If you are deciding which new home window styles you want to have installed, it is helpful to look at the different costs of each window style beforehand. A standard-size double-hung window is more affordable, costing an average of $490 to install, while a large picture window could cost up to $795 or more to install. Window types that require a higher skill level to install can also require more labor time, which is factored into the overall cost.

On average, you can expect labor and installation costs to be an average of $28 to $60 per window for most standard-sized window types. However, window replacement labor costs can vary by your home’s location, which type of window you are installing, and how long the project takes. Most window contractors replace windows at an hourly rate.

Why use HomeQuote for hiring expert window professionals?

HomeQuote is a reputable contractor-matching platform connecting certified remodeling crews and homeowners from different parts of the country. We pride ourselves on cooperating with more than 400 proven professionals nationwide, giving our clients an ample choice of available bids for their window repair and replacement project. 

Our platform is your one-stop place if you need a reliable solution to acquire window replacement quotes in Lawrence or nearby areas. We don't charge a cent for our services, offering quick and accurate cost estimates and connecting you with accredited window contractors from our database.