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Willie Browning, San Antonio, TX
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I lacked time looking for window replacement professionals myself, so a contractor-matching website seemed an excellent way to go. As soon as I left my request, I got an email with offers from local contractors.

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Mark Logan, Boston, MA
A reliable service for those who appreciate their time

Truth be told, I didn't expect to find affordable window installers in Boston so soon. HomeQuote paired me with licensed pros the same day, not charging any upfront costs.

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David Hurst, Orlando, FL
They paired me with a window contractor in Orlando

I left my request on the platform and got three offers from local window masters. I compared the given quotes and hired the cheapest company.

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Jill Newell, Birmingham, AL
Quick and efficient contractor-matching service

When I did my window contractors research, I came across this website. I decided to give it a try and turned up trumps. I hired a window company the same day.

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Kevin Newman, Huntington, NY
The best window crew in all Huntington was found here

The platform is easy-to-use and properly working. You only need to specify your area of living and the details of your project to get the ball rolling.

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Louis McAllister, St. Louis, MO
I can recommend HomeQuote to homeowners in Louis

I just had the contractor hired through HomeQuote replace four windows in my house, and everything was done professionally.

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Where to look for the best window replacement contractors in Denver, CO?

The average cost you should expect to spend per a regular double-pane window is $650 without labor. Higher-end units made of fiberglass or other sturdy materials that offer ultimate energy efficiency come to a different price segment, with the average price being $900. How to pick the right option for your home? And whom to trust the installation to get the unmatched result? You will find the answers to these and other questions in this short window guide. 

But first, let us say a few words about the HomeQuote contractor-matching service that can save you the bother of sorting through the offers of window contractors in Denver, Colorado. Our platform is a safe bet for homeowners who face the problem of seeking a local home improvement professional. We put every effort into screening our contractors and categorizing them according to their specifications and expertise. You can rest assured your request will be met by the best-rated window contractors in Denver, CO, who are well-versed in dealing with the specific window types and possess a corresponding certification. Give our free matching service a try by leaving your request on the platform. 

How to plan your window replacement project?

Meticulous planning is essential to ensure the success of any window project. To see the cost clearly and pick the right contractor, you have to consider the following factors: 

  • Required service. First off, you should understand what kind of service you need. Call out a pro to inspect your old window units. They should check the overall condition of the frames and window opening and express an opinion on whether replacement is possible. 
  • Window type. When estimating the cost of a project, it is essential to consider the window style. If the window you're going to install is large and has an unconventional style, its price is expected to be higher. The most costly window options are picture (up to $1.200 per unit) and bow ones (up to $6.500 per unit). Installation for these types of windows is labor-intensive and requires higher investment. 
  • Window material. Another crucial factor that affects the final project's quote is the window material you choose. Vinyl and wood are popular choices as they are affordable and fit almost all home styles. Their price ranges from $130 to $1.000 per unit, excluding labor spending. Fiberglass and composite windows' cost starts at $350 and goes up to $1.500 per unit. Custom or extra-large projects can add 30% to the total project cost.
  • Energy efficiency. Energy Star certified windows generally cost between $750 and $1.800 per unit. They should be installed by certified window contractors in Denver trained to work with this type of window. Thus, their installation cost is also higher compared to conventional vinyl units. To determine whether these windows are worth your investment, check your energy bills for the previous months.

Deciding in advance on the window's material, type, and energy-efficient properties, you can save your budget and make your installers' life easier. Don't jump to quote matching before deciding on the primary criteria of your future window.

Things to look for when comparing home window replacement companies in Denver

Even the best window, if installed poorly, cannot guarantee a long service life and proper insulation. That is why the crew that takes charge of installing or replacing your home windows is just as important as the manufacturer. If you want a window contractor in Denver, Colorado, whom you can trust within the replacement process and after it, consider the following criteria when matching local companies:

  • Cost. Hundreds of homeowners fall for too-good-to-be-true offers that are promised in ads. It's clear that you want to get the best deal, but you should beware of scam schemes. Contractors' craftsmanship, expertise, and track record all factor into the cost of installation. You may skimp on the upfront costs, but the quality of installation will be sacrificed. That is why it's essential to consider more than the lowest bid when comparing the best window replacement contractors in Denver, CO.
  • Warranty. Except for a manufacturer's warranty, you're also eligible for a warranty from your installers' crew. Don't skip this point when comparing the local window companies, as a good installer's warranty can be quite rewarding in the long run. Besides, it shows that a professional is confident in their skills and can ensure airtight window installation. Going back to the first point about the cost, those home window replacement companies in Denver that offer a strong warranty on their services cannot give you the lowest bid. However, you may find that the higher installation price pays off over time.
  • Certification. Window contractors with years of experience behind their belts always work according to the local building norms and have proper certification. The best way to ensure proper installation is to hire an installer certified by your window manufacturer. If you're not lucky enough to find one, you should at least test your contractor, asking questions about the installation process, the expected service life of a window, etc. 
  • References. Client testimonials are the best means to decide between companies specialized in window replacement and installation in Denver, CO. Go to popular reference platforms in your region or use the nationwide like BBB to check the comparing companies' credibility. Asking around your neighbors and friends might also help. You may even get to inspect their windows to check the quality of work.

Use HomeQuote to find a pro in new window installation in Denver

Now when you know what criteria to consider when seeking a local window contractor, you may launch the process. It may take either an hour or a few days. Besides being time-consuming, your search may not be as effective as when you rely on professional contractor-matching services like HomeQuote. With us, it takes just a few minutes to leave a request and get clear-cut quotes from as many as five experts in vinyl windows replacement in Denver, CO. All you need is to answer several critical questions about your project and leave your personal contacts so our support managers may contact you for more details.