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What to consider before installing solar panels?

Switching to green energy is a big step for every homeowner, requiring considerable financial investment and decent preparation. If you're now at the decision-making stage, consider the following points when contemplating the switch to solar.

Roof structure and dimensions. Your roof should have the appropriate size and pitch to place PV panels. A standard solar-friendly roof is around 1.500 sq. ft. and has a 30 degrees pitch. A simple roof structure without chimneys, dormers, and skylights is best to mount a solar power plant on the top. The more complex the roof structure, the fewer chances you will install PV panels of the needed capacity on it.

Roof direction. If your roof faces south or west, PV panels installed on it will generate enough solar power for your household needs. West and east-facing roofs also serve well for generating plenty of energy. North direction is the least appropriate, and if that's the case, panel installation contractors in CITY, ST, recommend using alternative sources of green energy like wind. Besides, it's essential to determine how many hours per day the roof is in shadow. If any objects near your house cast a shadow, you should get rid of them to ensure the maximum sunlight on your roof.

Consider the regional weather. There is a widespread belief that solar energy is produced mainly in sunny states like California. It is only partially true as areas that don't receive tons of sunlight, like New York or Massachusetts, are also good for installing solar plants. Panels continue to produce energy even in cloudy weather. Besides, it's proven that their output can even improve in colder temperatures. If your region sees regular snowstorms, don't give up on switching to solar energy, as panels covered with snow are only a short-term concern. Once the sun shows behind the clouds, the snow will quickly melt and slide off the panel surface, resuming the process of energy generation.

What are the typical solar panel installation mistakes?

Solar is the ultimate solution when it comes to reducing electricity bills and leading a greener lifestyle. If installed correctly, most solar panels will produce free green energy for 10-25 years. However, not all solar panel systems are created and installed equally, which might ruin homeowners' expectations.

Here are the widespread solar panel installation mistakes you have to avoid to ensure your system works the way it should:

Getting the lowest-priced panel installation in Pittsburgh, PA. When you prioritize price over quality, you get into a false economy trap that, almost in 100% of cases, results in overpaying. It is fair for both installation services and solar panel components. By their nature, quality solar panel components cannot be cheap. That is why you should remember that the price of solar equipment should reflect its actual value. Otherwise, you can face issues like reduced system efficiency and lifespan, as well as non-compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

Cutting corners on professional solar panel installation in Pittsburgh, PA, can also lead to serious issues down the track. First off, it's clear as day that mounting a solar plant on the roof is not a DIY-friendly task. Secondly, not every solar contractor has the right skills and qualifications to install PV panels the correct way. If you don't want your system to fail in a matter of years, select from accredited solar panel installation contractors in Pittsburgh.

Getting the lowest-priced panel installation
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Not mounting the required number of panels in a string. Both budget restraints and a limited roof area can become the reason homeowners abandon installing enough panels in a string. The thing is, the solar inverters need a minimum voltage to turn on. The voltage from each panel adds up to provide the total voltage of the string. If the string is short, the solar inverter may not activate, failing to convert the generated solar power. To avoid issues like this, you have to entrust your solar panel installation in Pittsburgh, PA, to certified installers experienced in the correct system design. They will advise you on the right solution to ensure the system voltage is always in the range it needs to be.

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