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How to decide on the best roof for your climate?

America has a huge territory with multiple climate zones that drastically vary from bitter cold to scorching sun, from heavy snow to tropical storms. No matter what part of the country you are lucky to live in, you need to do your homework to purchase a roofing material that provides the ultimate performance and appearance for its price.

Below you'll find the widespread weather patterns and roofing materials that are best to withstand them:

North and South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. These regions are situated close to the ocean and have a humid and hot climate. Direct sunlight and moisture, together with salt water, can reduce the service life of a roof, resulting in its fading, corrosion, and damage. Waterproof, rust-resistant materials like concrete, clay, and stone-coated steel, are best to install in southern regions.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan. These regions are subject to cold with high humidity, winds, and snowstorms. To ensure the ultimate roof resistance to up to 120 mph winds and hailstorms, homeowners should set their sights on sturdy roofing materials with a class 4 impact rating for hail. Clay, metal, and concrete roofs can maintain structural integrity through multiple seasons, showing ultimate resistance to moisture, cracking, and corrosion.

Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. These states are known for their arid, dry, and hot climate with little precipitation and scorching sun. The roofs should be fire-resistant and deflect heat, helping keep a cool temperature inside. Roofing materials like concrete, ceramic, or clay are best to withstand direct UV rays and dry winds. On the contrary, wood and asphalt will absorb heat and can shrink from temperature drops.

How to extend the roof's service life?

Roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX, recommend paying proper attention to roof upkeep to ensure its long service life. Professional maintenance and inspections can save you from expensive repairs and premature replacement.’

Here are a few tried-and-true tips that will prolong the lifespan of your roof:

Seasonal roof inspection. Each season brings roofing issues unique to the weather patterns common during that time - from sun damage to leakage and storm damage. Therefore, it's essential to hire a pro to inspect your roof in San Antonio, TX, at least 2 times a year. Any problems detected within the course of the inspection should be addressed immediately.
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Ensure proper attic insulation. A poorly insulated attic is the common cause of roof water damage through ice dams. If the water accumulated on your roof melts at the lowest roof layer and then refreezes around your shingles, you can expect to deal with serious damage. An attic that is insulated the proper way will keep the heat in your home from escaping through the roof, saving you the bother of dealing with extensive leakage.
Annual algae and moss treatment. Allowing fungi to grow on the roof surface can lead to severe damage and lower the value of your property. Examine shady areas of your roof, and if you detect lichen or algae there, apply to a roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX, for professional cleaning and fungus combating. When taking these simple actions annually, you can prohibit the growth of any fungus on your shingles.
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Keep the gutters clean and unclogged. A properly working drainage system is essential for protecting the roof from water damage. To ensure your guttering system works as it should, you must clean it regularly or install gutter guards to prevent clogging. If you have trees close to the home, consider trimming them to reduce the amount of leaves falling into your gutters.

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What is the average cost of roof replacement in San Antonio, TX?

If you do not catch the roof leakage problem in time, it can turn into an absolute nightmare. Rotten beams, wet spots on the ceiling, stains on the wall, dampness, and mildew are only a few symptoms your roof needs an immediate replacement. Don't postpone the start of your roofing project, as the integrity of your house is at stake.

A complete replacement of a roof is not a home improvement project homeowners look forward to. It requires considerable financial and time investment, creating a number of inconveniences that not every homeowner can handle on their own. Still, at a particular point in the roof service life, replacement becomes inevitable as the cover material, underlayment, and flashing wear out sooner or later, allowing moisture to penetrate the home. 

Installing a brand-new roof can be expensive, with the average roofing company in San Antonio, TX, charging anywhere from $6.280 to $27.000. However, the cost can be higher depending on the selected material and scale of the project. That is why doing some research before starting a replacement project is an excellent way to go, especially if you want to spend every buck of your budget wisely. 

What are the roof replacement price-formation factors?

Every roof is unique in size, structure, slope, and multiple other criteria. That is why the cost of mounting a new roof is going to vary from one home to another. Please note that the exact cost estimation can be given only after a visual inspection of a roof. Nevertheless, if you want to predict the spending to allocate the budget for your upcoming project, consider the following factors that may go into the price of replacing a roof.

  • Roof square footage. The bigger the roof area, the more roofing material is needed to cover it. Besides, you will need to hire a roofing crew rather than an individual contractor who works solo. 
  • Roof slope. Roofs with steep slopes are more tricky to work with, which can push the project's cost by 8-10%. Please note that most average costs you can find on the web are given for roofs with flat surfaces. 
  • Roof structure. Areas that require two planes to join, like chimneys, skylights, and valleys, are hard to work with. They make roofers spend more time and effort on your project, which results in higher labor rates.
  • Roofing material. The choice of roofing coverage affects the total estimate of a roofing project. There is no secret that the costs of roofing materials vary drastically depending on their quality, visual appeal, durability, and insulation properties. The choice should be based on your preferences, home design, and local climate. Plus, materials like slate and wood shakes are more challenging to work with than asphalt shingles and metal. If you want to cover your roof with high-end material, we highly advise hiring a certified roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX.
  • Roof accessibility. If you reside in a neighborhood with tight fits between houses, it might be more challenging for contractors to reach out to your roof. Other obstacles that can interfere with them include high trees and bushes growing right next to the house. If a roof is difficult to reach, you will most likely be charged extra for this inconvenience. 

Where to look for accredited roofers in San Antonio, Texas?

There are few proven ways to find good roofing professionals. Start with getting references from your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It's quite possible that one of them has recently replaced their roof and can now recommend a trusted roofing company in San Antonio, Texas. Another way to go is to use review websites, local directories, and platforms like BBB. There you can find general information about the selected roofing contractors, feedback from their former clients, and check their overall rank. And finally, if you want to save yourself from the bother of doing this tedious research yourself, refer to the HomeQuote contractor-matching platform. Thanks to our ever-expanding network of roofers in San Antonio, TX, whose expertise is proven by valid documentation, we can guarantee you the unmatched quality of their services. Besides, we work quickly and do not charge you a penny for our services. That is why it's a boon to search for your prospective roofer with us.