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Types of roofing shingles

Seek to install new shingles on your roof, but not sure what material or style to select? Check our detailed overviews and cost breakdowns to narrow down the best shingling options for your home.

Solar shingles
Solar shingles
Rubber shingles
Rubber shingles
Cedar shingles
Cedar shingles
Asphalt shingles
Asphalt shingles
Solar shingles
Solar shingles
Rubber shingles
Rubber shingles
Cedar shingles
Cedar shingles
Asphalt shingles
Asphalt shingles

Types of roofing materials

Want to make an informed decision about the roofing material for your home? Plunge into our selection of all-encompassing guides to sort through the various roofing types and pick the one that suits your exterior, climate, and budget.

Metal roofing
Metal roofing
Slate roofing
Slate roofing
Tile roofing
Tile roofing
Foam roofing
Foam roofing
Metal roofing
Metal roofing
Slate roofing
Slate roofing
Tile roofing
Tile roofing
Foam roofing
Foam roofing

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panels installation

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All types of repairs are done in a flash with roofing contractors in Chalco, NE

The roof is an essential structural element of the house, serving as a reliable shield between the interior and the exterior. Its reliability, though, depends on the installation and maintenance quality as well as the climate zone and roofing material. If the roof is in good shape, it does not allow water to penetrate inside the membrane and prevents mold and mildew growth. However, if the water finds its way inside the structure through holes, edges, or non-insulated skylights, it can wreak havoc on the roof, resulting in massive leakage and complete failure. 

If your roof is in poor shape due to untreated issues developing within the years or it is at the end of its service life, consider using the services of certified Chalco roofing contractors. Here at HomeQuote, we put a premium on building close business relations with certified roofing professionals in the region. We make sure they meet the rigid qualification criterion to exceed the expectations of our most demanding clients.

What are the average rates of roofing contractors in Chalco, NE?

In this section, we will distinguish three types of roofing costs - roof replacement costs, roof installation costs, and roof repair costs. 

Roof replacement in Chalco, NE

First, let us take a closer look at the average spending on roof replacement in the region. Costs range from $3.600 to $17.300 depending on the size and structure of the roof (high-pitched, multiple gables, etc.), the number of stories in the house, the quality of the roofing material, and underlayment. Additional services like replacing old shingles and installing flashing and valleys also raise the project's overall budget. 

Please note that all pricing details and services should be initially discussed with your Chalco roofer and written in the contract to avoid cheating and miscomprehension.

Look at the average roof replacement costs in Nebraska according to the size of the roof.

Roof size        Price range
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. $4.000 - $8.900
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. $4.700 - $9.750
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. $6.300 - $10.300
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. $6.900 - $13.200
3.000+ sq. ft. $8.900 - $15.400

Look at the average roof replacement costs in Nebraska according to the roofing material.

Roof size        Roof material Price range
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. Metal $5.400 - $15.176
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. Metal $5.900 - $17.180
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. Metal $9.100 - $22.350
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. Metal $14.330 - $27.000
3.000+ sq. ft. Metal $27.000 - $32.000
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. Asphalt $4.200 - $9.100
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. Asphalt $5.400 - $12.000
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. Asphalt $9.500 - $15.300
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. Asphalt $9.900 - $17.000
3.000+ sq. ft. Asphalt $12.000 - $18.200
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. Cedar shake $8.000 - $11.750
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. Cedar shake $9.000 - $16.250
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. Cedar shake $12.000 - $18.550
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. Cedar shake $15.700 - $22.100
3.000+ sq. ft. Cedar shake $24.000 - $28.900
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. Slate $13.500 - $28.000
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. Slate $15.000 - $31.200
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. Slate $16.200 - $33.700
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. Slate $20.300 - $35.100
3.000+ sq. ft. Slate $23.000 - $37.460
1.000 – 2.000 sq. ft. Tile $8.800 - $16.000
1.500 – 2.200 sq. ft. Tile $10.000 - $18.200
2.300 – 2.700 sq. ft. Tile $13.100 - $24.35
2.700 – 3.000 sq. ft. Tile $17.000 - $27.000
3.000+ sq. ft. Tile $20.000 - $29.350

Roof installation in Chalco, NE

If you seek a roofing company in Chalco, NE, to build a new roof from scratch, you should be ready to spend a decent sum, especially if it's going to be with a complicated design. Let's figure out what is involved in roof installation and what you should expect to pay. 

First, contractors install the ventilation system (mounted at the eaves and ridge). This system is needed to guide air into the roof and allow it to circulate around the whole roof space to avoid damp and ice dams. Then they mount the underlay support tray to ensure the underlayment is not sagging into the roof cavity. Once high and low ventilation levels are mounted, Chalco roofers install the underlay. It is put over the batten along the whole length of the roof to ensure proper insulation. Timber battens are installed over the underlay. They're fixed in place with the help of batten straps. Other steps depend on the roofing material. If you're about to overall your new roof with tiles, they will be put in two approaches. Each tile requires a minimum of one fixing, which takes considerable time compared to other installation stages. Once roofing coverage is in place, roofers install the eaves to the ridge closure system. A roof ridge is placed in the last place, fixed with a ridge-to-ridge seal.

As you can see, multiple stages are involved in building a new roof. The whole process may take from a week to 2-3 months, depending on the roof's size, pitch, and location. You may entrust the entire process to your roofing contractors in Chalco or shop for the required roofing materials yourself. 

All in all, the average cost you should expect to spend on a professional roof installation in Nebraska is $15.643. Of course, the price might be lower if you have a single-story home and a single-pitch roof that is easy to access. Roofing materials of standard quality also cost a reasonable price if you don't get them from lauded manufacturers. There are many ways you can skimp on a new roof, but please, don't entrust its building to third-party installers who have poor knowledge of how things should be done. 

Roof repair in Chalco, NE

Depending on their extent, roof repairs are priced from $370 to $1.700, while most Nebraskans pay around $950. Minor repairs like small leaks, patching, and hole fixing may cost as little as $250. More complicated tasks like flashing replacement and gutter installation may require investing up to $1.500. Roofing material also might be the cost-rising factor. Thus, cedar shingle roofing repairs in Chalco cost approximately 7% higher than metal and tile roofing. 

If you want to learn the exact price for the type of roofing repair job needed, leave your request on our website. We cooperate with different roofing companies in Chalco, NE, and will be able to provide you with a few offers to compare. The quotes will be given to you in the verbal form by our dedicated customer support managers. 

The best Chalco roofing contractors are now a few clicks away from you

You now know about the average prices of roofing services in Nebraska, which means you can predict the budget you need to allocate to repair or replace your roof. However, what if you want to compare different price quotes to save extra? Well, we welcome this brilliant idea and are ready to offer you our free assistance with that. 

Here is how our service works: 

  • You follow the link to the request form (it's made in the quiz format for your convenience) 
  • You specify your roofing needs, including the preferred roofing material
  • You mention your ZIP Code and contact data for feedback
  • Once the form is completed, you get a confirmation 
  • Your request is proceeded within 24 hours or less, depending on the workload of the relevant department
  • You get verbal quotes from up to 5 individual contractors and roofing companies in Chalco, NE
  • You compare offers and pick the one that fits your budget expectations
  • You schedule an appointment with the selected roofer and launch the start of your roofing project

The process is quite simple and takes almost no time. Besides, you don't lose anything as we match you with the local roofers for free.