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How to get your home ready for kitchen remodeling?

As a kitchen update of any scale makes this room almost inaccessible for the duration of the project, you need to take measures aimed at saving the opportunity of storing and cooking meals at home as well as mitigating dangerous accidents.

Here are some tips for how to stay comfortable in your home while a kitchen remodel:

Disconnect all critical lines from the kitchen. To ensure ultimate safety for you and your kitchen contractors, make sure to disconnect the gas, plumbing, and electricity from your kitchen before the remodeling begins. Cutting off the electricity will eliminate the power outage. Disrupting the gas from the oven will prevent possible gas leaks. And last but not least, disconnecting the drain pipes from the fridge, dishwasher, and sink will help you to avoid flooding and massive leaks.

Decide on the eating plan for your family during the kitchen update. As you won't have physical access to your kitchen, the chances are you will start eating out a few times a day, which might seem easier, yet not financially profitable and healthy. To ensure you can feed your family with home-cooked food, you need to prepare cooking appliances, like a slow cooker, electric grill, microwave, electric kettle, etc. Besides, you can prepare meals in advance and freeze them.

Set up a temporary kitchen in the yard, garage, or grill zone. You're in luck if you have enough outdoor or garage space to set up a temporary kitchen. You can bring most of your kitchen appliances and utensils there, setting up a temporary space for cooking and dining. If you have a portable stove and fridge, bring them to the place to equip your temporary kitchen. Ensure you have enough outlets, extension cords, and supplies to cook meals for the duration of kitchen remodeling.

How to save money on a kitchen remodel?

The high cost of a kitchen makeover comes as no surprise, especially on our days. Whether you build a new kitchen from scratch or renovate the existing one, your starting budget should go beyond $4.000. Nevertheless, you can leverage multiple saving tricks to stay within the set budget while getting the kitchen look you want.

Create a detailed cost breakdown. Specify the appliances and materials needed to update your kitchen and then decide on the sum you can afford to spend on them. Besides, get price quotes from local kitchen contractors in Wrangell, AK, to know what part of your budget should be allocated to labor. Once you create a detailed cost breakdown of your project, you will see what areas are eating your budget and make corresponding adjustments to stay within the available sum.
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Decide on the areas where you want to use high-end materials. Installing run-of-the-mill kitchen flooring and countertops is not the best idea, which might lead to financial losses in the long run. Besides, you should not cut corners on energy-efficient kitchen appliances and plumbing. Give priority to certain areas of your kitchen while compromising on lower-end materials elsewhere. This way, you will find a financial balance, not cutting corners on the essential things.
Approach some remodeling job aspects yourself. If you have at least basic handyman skills, you can tackle some renovation job aspects yourself. For instance, you can lay backsplash tiles or level and plaster kitchen walls without professional assistance. The same goes for resurfacing the existing cabinetry and refinishing flooring. If you don't feel like you can cope with any of these tasks, then the least you can do is to hire reasonably-priced kitchen contractors in Wrangell, AK and prepare your space for their coming.
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Nicholas Kim, Boston, MA
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You can expect they will find you the kitchen remodelers in your area and get the job done in time. Nevertheless, you will undoubtedly get pounded with multiple calls from contractors and representatives.

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Erik Huff, Bridgeport, CT
Knowledgable staff

Both the HomeQuote managers and kitchen remodelers were patient and extremely helpful in responding to my questions.

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I am happy with this service

They were prompt in getting me quotes from local kitchen remodelers.

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I appreciate the bids you sent

Recently moved to Phoenix, I did not know where to find kitchen cabinet installers. HomeQuote provided me with ratings and quotes of potential installers. It helped me a lot.

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Brittney Kent, Springfield, IL
I finally have a kitchen I've always dreamt of

Want to find a highly skilled contractor who will bring your idea of the ideal kitchen to life? Go to HomeQuote. They have an extended contractors network, allowing you to compare quotes of different pros in your area.

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Ethan Glass, Omaha, NE
I recommend this service unconditionally

It took me 10 minutes or so to find a kitchen contractor in Springfield. That's amazing how fast this service works.

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