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How to select the right gutter type for your home?

Well-designed gutters are essential for a properly working home's drainage system. They take the water away from the foundation, preventing flooding and deterioration. Whether you look to update the existing gutters or install new ones, make sure to consider the following key factors:

Appearance. Your new gutters should match the exterior of your house, enhancing its curb appeal and resale value. Consult your guttering contractor to pick a system of the right color and architectural style.

Material. From vinyl to copper and zinc - materials used for guttering systems and downspouts differ in price, quality, and durability. Consider your region's precipitation and your budget to decide on a suitable gutter system for your home.

Roof pitch. If you're in the market for a new guttering system, consider the angle of your roof to make an informed decision. This factor determines the required width and slope of the gutters and downspouts and can make or break their efficiency.

Upkeep. Deciding on the best type of guttering system, consider its maintenance requirements. Gutter contractors in Queens, NY, recommend installing seamless gutters as they offer better functionality and longer service life. Additionally, you might want to finish your gutters with a protective coating to enhance their durability and install a gutter guard to prevent clogging.

What are the effective ways to prevent gutter clogging?

Unfortunately, no rain gutters are immune from clogging, especially if leafy or coniferous trees surround the house. Leaves and branches, together with dead insects and mud, get into downspouts and block them, creating a real headache for homeowners. A leaking roof, damaged siding and foundation, rotten window trims, and facia boards are only a few of the issues you can face if your gutters are clogged.

The best way to prevent clogging is to be proactive. Here are some of the tried-and-true tips that might help:

Root out or trim the trees growing close to the house. Leaves and needles falling from the trees growing in your yard are the main culprits of your gutter clogging and sagging. Besides, during heavy storms, trees can fall out on the roof, creating massive damage. That is why it makes sense to root out old trees and replant them further from the house. If it is not an option, just trim the trees in your yard before the fall.
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Install guards on your rain gutters. Gutter guards aim to prevent clogging, preventing debris from getting inside. They let water inside the gutters while allowing leaves and dirt to drain away. Select from the screen and mesh gutter guards, as they're highly effective for keeping your gutter safe from clogging.
Clean and inspect your gutters regularly. Gutter contractors in Queens, NY, highly recommend cleaning the gutters two to three times a year and inspecting them at least once in six months, especially before the rainy season. The main reason is to prevent gutters from overflowing and sagging, as these issues can severely damage your roof and force water inside the house.
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Gregory Blanchard, Jackson, NJ
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I got a detailed phone consultation on my gutter issue with the HomeQuote representative. We agreed on the best solution as well as the day and time when a technician should show up and overhaul my gutter protection system.

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I left my request, and within 12 hours, they responded and provided me with a written estimate for new gutters and gutter guards installation. It was a pleasure to work with their call center staff.

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Call out for expert gutter installers in Queens, NY to get exceptional service and outstanding results

Professional rain gutters installation and their timely maintenance are crucial to ensure the long life of your house. Siding and roofing damage, fascia board rotting, and mildew growth are only minor issues you can face if your gutters work unproperly. If the problem is neglected for years, water will affect the foundation and put the building's integrity at risk.

A seamless gutter installed in a professional way ensures the proper flow of rainwater from the roof, directing it through downspouts to appropriate areas outside the home. If a system is not firmly attached or clogged, the water can run underneath the roof and siding, causing severe damage.

Gutter installation is a task that is beyond a DIY handyman's capabilities. It's a labor-intensive job that cannot be accomplished without specific expertise and equipment. If you need professional help with gutter installation in Queens, HomeQuote is looking forward to connecting you with top-gun contractors nearby. We boast an extended network of proven contractors to meet your budget and location demands. Fill out the request form on our platform, and we will instantly match you with gutter installers in Queens. Please note that our service is free and non-binding.