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How to pick the right flooring for every room?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when selecting the best flooring option for your home. Nevertheless, considering the factors like home location, interior design, available budget, and every room functioning will help you better understand the flooring type that works best for you.

The location of your home. The most sought-after flooring in St. Louis, MO might drastically vary from homeowners' choice in another part of the country. That's because humid and warm climates require sturdy and moisture-resistant materials like tile and concrete, while mild and colder ones allow installing hardwood, carpeting, and resilient floors.

Your daily life and habits. The selection of flooring materials is custom and depends on the family composition as well as the age, occupation, habits, and daily activities of its members. How many rooms are in your house? What rooms are used more frequently than others? Are there pets or kids in the family? The fair answers to these questions will help you to look at each flooring material through the prism of your unique situation.

Room's function and location. Consider the location of each room in your house as it determines the amount of foot traffic they get as well as the amount of dirt and moisture coming inside. For instance, the entrance is better to fit with luxury vinyl tile and concrete, while hardwood and bamboo are good to go for a bedroom. Besides, the activities meant for the room should impact the flooring choice. For instance, a kid's playroom that takes much abuse should be covered with durable but not slippery flooring like rubber. Tile and natural stone traditionally suit high-humidity areas like bathrooms.

How to upkeep your new flooring?

Have you just installed the new floors and want them to preserve their initial look for years? Here are some essential cleaning and preservation tips to help you make the best of your flooring investment.

Mop the flooring surface 2-3 times a week. Regular sweeping and mopping of your floors will help you get rid of dirt, pet hair, epidermis particles, and dust mites. Besides, wet cleaning will keep your floors in mint condition for years, preventing scuffing and staining.
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Use as little water and chemicals as possible when cleaning. No matter your flooring material, excessive use of water and detergents will reduce its service life. Porous floors holding water are especially prone to water damage, so you should use a barely damp mop to clean them.
Clean up spills and pet urine immediately. The best way to prevent your flooring from staining, warping, or discoloration is to clean any spill out of the surface in a flash. If you deal with carpet flooring, use a paper towel to absorb the spill and then blot the area with a cleaning solution suiting your carpet type.
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Vacuum hardwood and synthetic flooring with care. Vinyl, laminate, cork, and bamboo floors require gentle attendance. Flooring contractors in the St. Louis, MO recommend vacuuming these coverages with only the bare floor setting to avoid scratches, dents, and other damages that can reduce their service life.
Use window treatments to avoid flooring exposure to direct sunlight. Whether you have hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring, you should be aware that regular exposure of these materials to direct sunlight can lead to their fading. Consider using window treatments like blinds and curtains to prevent premature deterioration of your floors.
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How to get ready for a residential flooring installation in St. Louis

Getting your home ready for flooring installation is essential to ensure the whole process will go smoothly and trouble-free. By doing advanced preparations, you're setting up flooring experts for success, eliminating the need to interfere in the fitting process. Here are a few ideas for planning a flooring installation in your home.

  • Ensure other remodeling jobs are finished. If you fit new floors as a part of a full-fledged home or room remodeling, other jobs should be completed beforehand. It's essential to do flooring installation last to prevent deterioration from occasional paint splashes, scratching from heavy equipment dragging, denting from metal tools dropping, etc.
  • Prepare a work zone for your flooring crew. Contractors need a designated workspace to keep their working tools and materials outside the flooring installation area. Consider getting this zone ready before the installation day to reduce the downtime of your flooring crew to a minimum. Besides, remove all obstacles between the work zone and the new flooring space and restrict your kids and pets from attending this area.
  • Protect all rooms of your home. A flooring project is always about much dust and shaving that might negatively affect your furniture and decor elements unless you take measures to protect them. Use plastic sheets, tarps, or textile covers to seal off your home's elements.
  • Take a day off at the time of flooring installation. As a rule, flooring installers ask homeowners to stay home on the day of the installation. First, the time of contractors' arrival may vary. Second, a homeowner can instruct the crew on the working zone allocated to them and ensure regular communication on vital issues during the project.
  • Get ready for unexpected things. Many things can go wrong when it comes to flooring installation, and you should be prepared to react to deal with any issue quickly and efficiently. For instance, if the gap between the bottom of the door and the new floor is too tight, you might need to trim the door to ensure it swings freely. Expert flooring contractors in St. Louis always allow some extra time to deal with unexpectedness.

These simple tips will help you prepare for your first flooring installation project and ensure its seamless completion. Get your space optimized for installation, stay in contact with your flooring crew during the process, and trace their job success to get the most out of your project.

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Sounds pretty easy, right? But what if we tell you that you can find the best local flooring company in St. Louis without paying a dime? Yes, that sounds good as it is. With HomeQuote, you can leverage free contractor-matching services whenever you need to repair your roof, unclog the guttering system, facelift a kitchen, or fit new flooring. You just need to submit a short form containing your personal information and requirements for a home improvement project. In a couple of hours, you will have a few offers from our vetted flooring contractors in St. Louis.