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Your worth-bookmarking triple-pane windows buying guide

Getting new windows for your home is a tricky task, especially if you want to upgrade to a more energy-saving unit. To make a well-thought-out decision, you must consider multiple factors, including window type, frame material, the required insulation add-ons, etc. This article is devoted to the most energy-saving windows available on today's market - triple-pane ones. Read on to find how they differ from double-pane ones and what advantages make them worth the investment.

Your worth-bookmarking triple-pane windows buying guide

What are triple-pane windows?

Windows made of three glass panes are called triple-pane ones. Each pan has a spacer around the edges to provide a uniform space between layers. The space between panes is filled with insulating gas to enhance the energy efficiency properties of the window. Thanks to the increased insulating air space, triple-pane replacement windows ensure even better energy efficiency and noise reduction than their double-pane counterparts. 

Plunging deeper into triple-pane windows anatomy, we see that it features a thermoset cellular silicone at the base. Then a metalized, multi-layer vapor barrier film comes. Corners come with barrier films, while window edges feature additional sealing. 

Double pane vs. triple pane windows - What is the difference?

Most people with a budget to replace their existing home windows with energy-saving ones face the challenge of deciding between double- and triple-pane ones. The simplest approach here is to consider the potential insulation improvements. Dual-pane windows possess excellent energy-saving properties compared to single-pane units, but they bite the dust compared to triple-glazed ones. Thanks to three panes covered with a low-emissive coating, they are better insulators and have a higher rate of heat loss. With triple-pane units in your home, no harmful ultraviolet rays can penetrate inside, causing temperature spikes and furniture fading.

Another benefit of triple-pane windows compared to double-pane ones is the improved insulating value that helps to keep a comfortable temperature inside the building year-round. The R-value of units with triple glazing is higher as they have more layers. Thus, this value equals 3 - 3.8 in units with double panes and 7-8 in units with triple panes. As a result, the average heat loss through the window is reduced by 30% - 40% with triple panes.

Regarding soundproofing, both double- and triple-glazing windows are worth the cost. They effectively reduce outside noise, ensuring a comfortable stay inside. If extra-level insulation is not at the focus of your agenda, a double-pane window will do just fine for noise reduction purposes. 

Are triple-pane windows worth the investment?

When deciding whether to buy replacement triple-pane windows for your home, consider the following factors: 

  • Budget. The cost of triple-pane windows is probably one of the highest in the market for energy-efficient windows. You should expect to spend around $890 per average-sized window and $230 per installation. It is a decent sum, not every homeowner is ready to invest in replacing home windows. Besides, this investment is not reasonable for everyone, and we will explain why. 
  • Local climate. If you live in warm states like Florida or California, you have no reason to overpay for windows with triple panes. Double-pane ones should be enough to protect your home from the heat on scorching days and prevent cold air from leaking inside when a cold cyclone comes. On the contrary, if your region frequently experiences extreme cold, it makes sense to consider triple-pane window installation, as they do a better job reducing thermal transfer. 
  • Your plans. When installing these energy-saving windows, consider how long you will stay in your home. If you plan to sell your property in a few years, you will be good with double-pane units. Triple-pane units are only good for a long-term investment.

As you can see, triple-pane units can be worth the extra cost if you have the right conditions to recoup this investment over time.

How much do triple-pane windows cost?

Depending on the cost-affecting factors like window size, configuration, frame material, the type of frame, glass, and others, you could pay anywhere from $595 to $3.200 for a new triple-pane unit (material only). The national average price for standard-sized windows with triple glazing ranges from $890 to $1.200. The high-end price of a triple-pane window may go up to $7.300. This price is relevant for large bay or bow windows with three panes and argon gas inside. 

Installation costs vary from $38 to $50 per hour, depending on the region, window size, and configuration. Installing a bow window with triple glazing in New York costs as much as $9.500, including material and labor. 

Another must factor to consider when evaluating the cost of a replacement triple-pane window is the manufacturer. Lauded brands like Pella, Marvin, or Renewal by Andersen sell top-quality windows, but their price is slightly higher than the market average. Nevertheless, if you need an extended warranty, you better buy triple-pane windows from these brands. 

Want to get the actual cost of triple-pane windows for your home? Fill out the quick request form on the HomeQuote contractor-matching platform. Once we process your request, you will get up to five detailed quotes from our partner roofing companies operating in your region. 

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