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Shower remodeling 101 – What to know before getting started?

If you want to give your home a face-lift while improving your daily routine, start with a bathroom renovation. Not only do outdated tiles, leaky faucets, and always-there mildew affect your mood and prevent relaxation, but they also decrease your home value. So, you can’t just change fixtures, buy a new shower curtain, and call it a day. Even if you aren’t going to sell your apartment, a brand-new bathroom is worth an investment as it can alter the quality of your life. Don’t know where to start? A shower remodel can make for a great makeover kickoff. Even if you live in a tiny flat, your bathroom can still be turned into a relaxing oasis with a spa-like feel. You just need to optimize available space and finalize desired amenities like floor heating or in-built shelves for essentials. You can lower your electric and water bills by converting a tub into a shower.

Shower remodeling 101 – What to know before getting started?

As a bathroom shower remodel is considered the most expensive part of a home update, many people kick it into the long grass. But there is more to this project than meets the eye. Thus, if you are happy with the existing layout and want to increase its functionality, you can choose an affordable shower style.

Things to consider before remodeling the bathroom’s shower area

A shower is a focal point of every bathroom, so you should clearly know what you want to get with its renovation. Willing to add value to your home or only perfect your hygiene routine? Your final goal is the cornerstone of rebuilding and can significantly affect shower remodel costs. Plus, you should make allowance for:

  • Bathroom layout. The size and layout of your bathroom are the pillars you should base your decision on. To determine the space available, map out your shower’s current (or possible) location on the walls and floor with a maker. Thus, you can make up your mind about the size and style of your brand-new shower. Please note that its relocation or enlargement can involve additional expenses, as you’ll have to pay for plumbing and wall waterproofing.
  • Budget. The market is brimming with low-cost and luxurious options, so it’s up to you to decide what amount of money you’re ready to invest in your shower. Bear in mind that it’s worth using premium-quality plumbing materials and fixtures to prevent leakages and other malfunctions in the days to come. If you are on a low budget, it may be reasonable to keep the drain where it is. 
  • Water pressure. To make your shower remodel a successful story, you should know what kind of water system you have. If it’s about a high-pressure one, you can install a mixer shower. For a vented system, it’s better to opt for a power or digital option. However, an electric shower is the only choice if you have a cold mains supply.  
  • Type of valve. Even though your bathroom exterior is of great importance, small details like a valve can make or break your shower experience. A pressure-balance valve controls both the temperature and water flow, so you can’t adjust them separately. To do just that, you need a thermostatic valve – it comes with two divided handles to tailor the flow volume and temperature to your needs. 

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

What are the best types of showers to install?

You don’t have to be a water element person to find a shower the best place to rejuvenate after a hard day. But you need to select the right type to make your bathroom a soothing escape. Nowadays, the market offers many different types of showers to ensure everyone can find their perfect match, whatever their requirements. If you’ve already measured your bath space, listed the key preferences, and set a budget, you can search for your ideal option, from walk-in to stand-up to prefabricated type.  

How do showers differ by construction type?

When selecting a suitable type of shower remodel, most homeowners only focus on visual appearance as it is synonymous with style and design. But construction peculiarities are what affect the showering experience, rebuilding expenses, and timelines involved. So let’s take a closer look at the most popular variants, looking into their pros and cons. 

  • Tub-and-shower combo. If a shower is a more practical decision for your lifestyle, but you don’t want to deny yourself the pleasure of taking a bubble bath, go for a combined option. It’s a space-saving solution for small bathrooms, as a tub serves as a foundation for shower enclosures. Unlike old-school variants that involve ugly waterproof curtains, modern variants have a clean design. If you have small kids, this shower type can become a lifesaver.  
  • Prefabricated showers. A prefabricated shower is the best choice if you need to renew your bathroom on a budget. This modular shower is made of plastic, fiberglass, or acrylic and can come in one or a few pieces, depending on the needed size. Even though it has a plain design, it contains everything you need for comfortable usage, including shelves and soap dishes. If you are a handyman, you can install this shower construction yourself.  
  • Stand-up showers. If you have a high ceiling in your bathroom, you can bring your shower experience to a new level by locating a showerhead above the standing area. It imitates rainfall, covering your body evenly from head to toe. This option may not be the best choice because of the increased water flow rate. 
  • Corner showers. You can locate your shower in a free corner if you want to save bathroom flooring space. There are classic, neo-angle, and curved alternatives to choose from. If there is enough space, you can create storage niches on one of the walls. The enclosure is usually made of fiberglass or transparent plastic to add a bit of elegance. As for now, it is one of the best variants for a small bathroom shower remodel.
  • Walk-in showers. If you’re eager to add a design twist to your bathroom, a walk-in shower is your #1 option. You can make it doorless or glass-enclosed for better privacy. Even though you can install it in a small space, too, it’ll be more convenient in a mid-sized or large bathroom. Unlike a bathtub, a walk-in shower provides better accessibility and versatility as you can customize it in ways galore. However, it’s considered the most expensive option as it involves a lot of tilework. 

How do showers differ by enclosure type?

Another way to add style and character to your bathroom interior design is to choose an ideal shower enclosure. Even though its main function is to zone wet and dry areas, acting as an uncompromising protection against splashing water, it also determines the overall aesthetic. There are three types of enclosures to consider when rebuilding your bathroom:

  • Frameless showers. It is the most popular option both for tiny and large bathrooms as it offers unimpeded views of the tile inside. You can install a sliding, hinged, or bi-fold door for this type of enclosure. Plus, you can customize it in accordance with your bathroom size and replace it when necessary without paying over the odds. 
  • Semi-frameless showers. If neither frameless nor framed enclosures speak to you, selecting a semi-frameless variant can be a smart move. It offers the same sleek look as its counterpart mentioned above but provides more layout opportunities. What’s more, you can install a swinging or sliding glass door with it. 
  • Framed showers. Whether for adding a classic chic or just creating a grid-like appearance, a framed enclosure is just the ticket. You can go for different types of glass – frosted, toughened, textured – in various thicknesses. As the shower framing goes around the enclosure, you can cherry-pick hardware in similar hues for a more sophisticated look. 

How much does a shower remodel cost?

Money is often the primary bottleneck when it comes to shower renovation. You may have some cool ideas about creating an out-of-this-world bathroom but freak out over possible expenses. Can you afford the cost of a shower remodel if you don’t make six figures? The short answer is yes. You can tackle a bathroom makeover on a budget of $500 or less. The expenses depend on two main aspects: area and scope of work. 

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Shower remodel costs by bathroom size

As a rule of thumb, the more space you have in your bathroom, the larger the shower area you want to get. And it can result in increased tilework, installation of more sophisticated enclosures and bigger doors, etc. You can also add more fixtures or revamp your shower by changing its initial location. 

  • Small bathrooms. For a shower replacement and small changes like the rejuvenation of bathroom tiles, you can pay about $350 and up. Add here over $1,000 for a small freestanding shower installation and fixture upgrades. The labor cost is calculated afterwards as it depends on the location and the experience of the specialists you hire. But the average bathroom remodel costs will be up to $2,500. 
  • Mid-sized bathrooms. Homeowners often opt for semi-frameless showers with a price tag of $700 and up to $1300. The more luxurious its design, the higher the price. Installation of a larger shower (with or without a bathtub) and minor upgrades may fetch about $700 and more. So, you may spend from $700 to $9,000. 
  • Large bathrooms. In this case, the cost of shower remodeling may start at $1,300. The total price may skyrocket if you need to replace plumbing and install heated floors. The large walk-in shower alone may land somewhere between $2,000 and $11,000. 

Shower remodel costs by project scale

Bathroom renovation is considered extremely expensive for a reason. Even if you are going only to do the basics using low-quality materials, you’ll still have to shell out about $450 for remodeling. The price can go up to $2.000 if you select some better options. 

If you set your mind on a mid-range shower renovation, you should be ready to spend about $5.000. The first-class upgrade with bespoke tilework and brand-new plumbing may fetch over $7.000. The sky’s the limit. 

The average cost of remodeling by shower type

Don’t want to run out of money in the middle of the remodeling process? Learn the ropes of each shower type and possible hidden expenses beforehand. 

  • Tub to shower. Converting an old-school tub into a top-notch shower may feel like a good call. But this idea will be worth $1.200 at best if you select a simple stall. Otherwise, you may spend about $4.000.
  • Shower stall. A small shower requires less effort and money. The price range varies depending on the state and requirements. If you are good with the simplest option, it may fetch about $350. But it may be worth considering a shower stall – it is a more luxurious but still pocket-friendly alternative. The starting price is $700. 
  • Walk-in shower. It is ideal if you don’t have money issues but a big desire to spruce up your bathroom. You can customize it the way it suits you most and bring your boldest ideas to life. The average price is about $3.000, but it can be twice as high if you select high-end materials. 

Shower remodeling – DIY or hire a professional?

Knowing that shower remodeling can cost you a bundle, you may decide to cut corners and do everything yourself. After all, YouTube is chock-full of videos about how to change pipes, do tile work, and install tubs, right? You turn a blind eye to the fact that all these people could have many years of experience under their belt. So, your result may have little in common with their masterpieces. 

Whether your bathroom renovation is meant to increase home value or make every bathing feel like a vacation, you need to create a stylish space. A DIY project will hardly nail this task. Once done, it may take blood, sweat, and tears to fix a poor installation of plumbing and uneven tiles. If you have to have a spick-and-span bathroom that won’t be a pain to clean, leave your remodeling to the experts. 

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

The proven way to discover the local shower remodeling companies worth the cost

Does the mere thought of starting shower renovation make you feel sick? Even though this project may involve challenges galore, you can meet them all with the right contractor by your side. They can suggest smart solutions worth investing in and manage many impossible-to-tackle tasks. 

Whether you are new to the city or have little to no idea what remodeling company is the best in your area, don’t worry. HomeQuote, a contractor-matching service, has got you covered. Once you specify your project details, we’ll send your request to established shower remodeling companies nearby and provide you with quotes. After that, it only remains for you to choose the best contractor for your budget and requirements. 

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